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Welcome to The Kilgus Creamline our farmstead blog. As the old saying goes, “the cream always rises to the top!” Here you’ll find the best tidbits about what’s happening on our farm, homemade recipes, upcoming events, and more.

We hope that you find something fun, interesting, and that moooves you!

~ The Kilgus family

2022 Fall Newsletter

🍂 Happy fall to all of our favorite Kilgus Farmstead customers! 🍂 It’s been another busy year on the farm and this year we’ve been cultivating a digital crop of articles for our new blog The Kilgus Creamline. Also, we’re getting closer to the holiday season so you know what that means: time to start submitting …

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Apple Cinnamon Muffin Recipe

ingredients for apple cinnamon muffins

Muffins are a great treat for any season particularly during fall harvest and through the end of year holidays. They are best served fresh out of the oven, warm and with butter. We suggest that you use local apples and visit your nearby orchard to get the freshest picks. Our favorite apple varieties that are …

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Milk 103: Jerseys the Queen of Quality

jersey cow in barn yard

There are many varieties of dairy cows that have been used for milk production over the years but most pale in comparison to the Jersey cow. Considered the “Queen of Quality,” Jerseys are known for making great tasting milk that is creamy and exceptionally smooth. In addition to the wonderfully rich flavor and consistency of …

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Milk 102: Raw Milk & Pasteurization

old milk cans lined up

Back in the day milk was delivered directly from the farm to the consumer’s front door. Milk was milk and there weren’t as many options that we have available to us today. Back then consumers could only get raw (unpasteurized) whole milk. It wasn’t until after the French microbiologist Louis Pasteur developed the process of pasteurization (heating …

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Milk 101: Fat Content & A1 vs A2

milk choices in the dairy section

Today there are more liquid milk options available for consumers than ever before and the options go well beyond the typical selection of whole milk, 2%, 1%, and skim. You may have already heard some buzz about A2 milk or raw milk. In this three part series we’ll cover the different kinds of milk so …

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Basic Flatbread Recipe

pile of flatbread on cutting board with silver bowl

Flatbread is a staple for many cultures and it can be made in a variety of ways. From tortillas to naan, the fact that flatbread has very few ingredients is likely a reason for its popularity around the world. Most flatbreads do not use yeast which keeps the recipe and food prep simple, not to …

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