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Welcome to The Kilgus Creamline our farmstead blog. As the old saying goes, “the cream always rises to the top!” Here you’ll find the best tidbits about what’s happening on our farm, homemade recipes, upcoming events, and more.

We hope that you find something fun, interesting, and that moooves you!

~ The Kilgus family

2024 Spring Newsletter

🌷 Spring Greetings to Our Amazing Kilgus Farmstead Customers! 🌻 As we leave winter behind, we’re always excited for the warm weather months. Here’s the latest from the farmstead… 2024 Breakfast on the Farm Every June for dairy month Kilgus Farmstead, with the help of the Livingston County Farm Bureau Young Leaders, hosts Breakfast on the Farm. It’s our …

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Homemade Whipped Cream

beater covered with whipped cream next to a mixing bowl of sugar

Nothing beats homemade and homemade whipped cream is no exception! It’s quicker and easier than most people realize and pairs excellently with our classic buttermilk pancake recipe.

Classic Buttermilk Pancakes

stack of pancakes with fruit, butter, and drizzled in maple syrup

What’s more nostalgic than a timeless buttermilk pancake recipe – light and fluffy, just the way your mother used to make them! There’s something special about a classic Sunday morning breakfast, and these cakes promise to elevate your weekend tradition to new heights. Whether you like to drizzle your flapjacks with butter and warm maple …

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2023 Fall Newsletter

🍁 Happy Fall Ya’ll! 🍁 Here we are again reaping the benefits of a bountiful fall harvest and gearing up for the holiday season. As we get closer to the holidays you know what that means: time to submit orders for Kilgus Farmstead holiday goodies. We hope that this year’s fall newsletter finds you and your loved ones …

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Meat 101: Meat Basics

raw beef meat from the butcher

This is part one of five in our series on meat: Health Disclaimer: Health and related lifestyle choices (including diets and dietary needs) are extremely individualistic. Please consult with your doctor before making any lifestyle changes. Eating meat has been a long-standing tradition across many cultures throughout the world. From our hunter-gatherer days up to …

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7 Layer Salad

bacon, cheese, and greens salad plated and ready to serve

A colorful layered salad is the perfect eye-catching dish for any public event. With its visual “pop,” it really stands out in a crowd of casseroles, and let’s not forget, it tastes just as good as it looks! This recipe pairs well with practically any main course, side dish, and can work for any season. …

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Barbeque Beef Brisket

cooked roast beef on cutting board being seasoned

Brisket, also referred to as roast, is one of the more familiar cuts of meat. It’s often a tougher cut and similar to rump roast, which is best to slow cook because it brings out the most flavor and helps to tenderize the meat. Whether you prefer using the oven or crockpot, we’ve got a …

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2023 Spring Newsletter

🐇 Happy spring to all of our favorite Kilgus Farmstead customers! 🐣 As everyone transitions out of hibernation mode, here at Kilgus Farmstead, we’re excited for another growing season and all the good times that come along with the warm weather! Here’s what’s happening on the farm… Farmstead Tours Season Come and visit our farmstead in the …

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Dragon Breath Burgers

close-up of burgers being grilled with tongs

When it’s grilling season, burgers are always a hit with family and friends. This recipe is designed with some bite and some spice. It’s sure to leave your guests asking for the recipe and asking “How’s my breath?” This recipe pairs perfectly with this easy Homemade Buns recipe. So fire up the grill, gather your ingredients, and …

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2022 Fall Newsletter

🍂 Happy fall to all of our favorite Kilgus Farmstead customers! 🍂 It’s been another busy year on the farm and this year we’ve been cultivating a digital crop of articles for our new blog The Kilgus Creamline. Also, we’re getting closer to the holiday season so you know what that means: time to start submitting …

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