Meat Products

Kilgus Farmstead has carefully selected each animal breed for characteristics linked to exceptional meat quality. These qualities include tenderness, rich flavor, juiciness, high levels of marbling, and satisfying texture. All animals are raised humanely on our farm and fed diets high in non-GMO corn that we grow ourselves, allowing for quality control that guarantees a consistent, authentic, high-quality product.

dad and son grilling burgers

Jersey Beef

While the Jersey breed was originally appreciated for outstanding milk quality, Jersey beef is now recognized as desirable in its own right for both flavor and health benefits. Jersey beef boasts healthier fats, and since Jersey steers are smaller and leaner, the resulting cuts are modest in size. These traits make Jersey beef an ideal choice for the health-conscious consumer. Chefs who use Kilgus Farmstead beef note that the quality is superior in both taste and texture, with a notably tender, juicy flavor.

Kilgus Farmstead Beef is available for wholesale purchase as a ½ or ¼ steer and you can view the Large Quantity Orders page for more details. Customers looking for smaller quantities can order Frozen Meat Bundles or purchase single cuts available in our Country Store.

Berkshire Pork

Berkshire pork is relished for its superior, distinctive flavor and high levels of marbling. Its deep, crimson hue is indicative of a healthy pH level, an important driver of pork meat quality. Chefs in high-end restaurants across the country seek out Berkshire pork for its full flavor and capacity to flourish under varying cooking techniques, and many chefs right here in Chicago are featuring Kilgus Berkshire pork on their menus. The superior traits of this heritage breed combined with the Kilgus Farmstead high-quality, non-GMO diet results in pork that is exceedingly tender and delicious.

Kilgus Farmstead Berkshire Pork is available for wholesale purchase by the whole or ½ hog and you can view the Large Quantity Orders page for more details. Customers looking for smaller quantities of sausage, bratwurst, pork burgers, chops, bacon, roasts, and sausage links can order Frozen Meat Bundles or purchase single items available in our Country Store.

pork dish
cook holding goat steak with sprouts

Boer Goat

Goat meat is a healthy alternative that is lower in fat, calories, and cholesterol than many other meats, and is extremely popular world-wide. As Illinois consumers experience goat meats’ delicious flavor and learn of its many health benefits, it is quickly gaining popularity locally. Kilgus Farmstead Boer goats are fed a diet high in non-GMO corn, which creates a marbling effect that is highly appreciated by chefs for flavor and texture. Renowned Chicago chefs choose Kilgus Farmstead goat meat to showcase in their restaurants, including Celebrity Chef Stephanie Izard, who states:  “Before opening my first restaurant, Girl & the Goat, I tasted goat from multiple local sources and ended up choosing Kilgus Farmstead due to both the taste of the goat and the people involved at Kilgus Farmstead”.

Kilgus Farmstead Boer Goat Meat is available for wholesale purchase fresh by the whole or ½ goat, or in a variety of frozen cuts in our Country Store.

Other Meats

We also source chicken, Cornish Game hen, turkey, and lamb from other local farmers to distribute to our wholesale customers. If you are interested in any of these products in addition to our farmstead meats, please contact us for pricing and availability.  All of the local farms we work with take great care in raising their animals and provide exceptional quality products.