Meat Products

At Kilgus Farmstead we take immense pride in our meat products, adhering to the highest standards in animal care. Our dedication ensures that we deliver nothing short of exceptional quality meat to our valued customers both locally and throughout the great state of Illinois.

We carefully select animal breeds based on superior genetics, prioritizing tenderness, rich flavor, juiciness, high marbling, and satisfying texture. Our responsibly-raised animals are fed a high-quality, non-GMO corn diet, grown from our own farm’s crops.

Make Kilgus Farmstead your go-to for farm-to-freezer meat products. We’re certain that you’ll taste the difference!

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The Kilgus Family has a long tradition of raising Jersey steers, known for their superior taste, texture, and tenderness. Chefs and food enthusiasts praise Jersey beef for its healthier fats and modestly sized cuts, making it a favorite for health-conscious consumers. Many customers consider it the best freezer beef to keep on hand.

Recently, we have started cross-breeding Jersey and Angus beef to enhance our offerings. Angus is renowned for its marbling, flavor, and tenderness. The feedback from chefs and consumers alike has been amazing. These cross-bred steers are bigger and yield more meat while still providing the tenderness of Jersey beef. The result is a product that combines the best qualities of both breeds, delivering an exceptional dining experience.

Berkshire Pork

Berkshire pork is prized for its distinctive flavor and abundant marbling, with a deep crimson hue reflecting its optimal pH level for quality. This heritage breed produces incredibly tender and delicious pork. Professional chefs, including those in Chicago, Illinois, love its versatility and rich flavor.

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Boer Goat

Goat meat offers a healthier option with less fat, calories, and cholesterol compared to other meats. Gaining in popularity, it’s quickly become popular as consumers discover its delicious flavor and health benefits. Renowned Chicago chefs choose Kilgus Farmstead goat meat to showcase in their restaurants.

Meat Products 🥩

~ Beef ~

  • Beef Roasts: Arm, Chuck/Pot, Sirloin Tip, & Rump
  • Steaks: Beef Skirt, Cube, Filet, Flank, New York Strip, Porterhouse, Ribeyes, Round, Sirloin, Swiss, & T-Bone
  • Specialty Cuts: Brisket, Ribs, & Stew Meat
  • Ground Beef & Hamburger Patties
  • Organs: Tongue, Oxtail, Liver, Heart, Cheek, Soupbone, & Marrow Bone
  • Seasoned & Cured Beef: Beef Sticks, Beef Jerky, & Summer Sausage

~ Berkshire Pork ~

  • Loin: Tenderloin & Pork Chops (American Cut, Bone-in, & Butterfly)
  • Pork Shoulder: Roast, Cutlets, & Stew Meat
  • Ribs: Baby Back & Spare
  • Hams: Smoked/Cured, Smoked/Cured Steaks, Uncured Roast, & Ground
  • Bacon: Smoked & Thicker Cut
  • Brats (4 per package): Regular, Apple, Bacon Cheddar, Cajun, Chorizo, Jamaican, Jalapeno Cheddar, & Portabella Pepper
  • Pork Patties (1/3lb patties — 6 per package): Regular, Brat Seasoning, & Cajun
  • Pork Sausage Patties (8 per package): Kilgus Family breakfast blend
  • Sausages: Ground Pork (unflavored), Breakfast Sausage (custom blended Kilgus Family recipe), & Italian Sausage
  • Sausage Rope: 1.5lb continuous rope
  • Sausage Mini Links: 10-15 mini links per package

~ Boer Goat ~

Chops, Legs, Brats, & Patties

“Before opening my first restaurant, Girl & the Goat, I tasted goat from multiple local sources and ended up choosing Kilgus Farmstead due to both the taste of the goat and the people involved at Kilgus Farmstead”.

~ Celebrity Chef Stephanie Izard

Looking to fill your freezer with high-quality locally grown meat?

For customers interested in smaller quantities, we offer Frozen Meat Bundles and single cuts at our Country Store and through local retailers.

We also offer Large Quantity Orders of beef, pork, and goat meat ranging in sizes from whole-animal, half, and quarters (beef only).

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Additional Meat Products

To broaden our offerings beyond our own selection of meat products, we work with other local farmers to distribute a diverse range of meats wholesale. Our partnering farms are dedicated to raising their animals with the utmost care, ensuring the delivery of exceptional products.

For wholesale, we currently offer:
Chicken, Cornish Hen, Turkey, & Lamb

Interested in becoming a wholesale customer? Contact us for availability and pricing.

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