Our Family

Duane & Arlene Kilgus

In the late 1950s, Duane and Arlene Kilgus purchased land from Duane’s father, Hermon Kilgus which became the primary property for the Kilgus Farmstead. Together with the help of their family, they began raising and milking Holstein cows which would eventually grow to become the four-generation family operation that it is today.

After raising seven children on the farm, Duane and Arlene retired, handing off the business to their kin, and moved to town. To this day Arlene can be found assisting customers at the Country Store and helping to prepare orders for delivery. Sadly, Duane passed away in July of 2023 but his legacy lives on through the Kilgus family, their efforts, and the success of the Kilgus Farmstead.

Paul & Carmen Kilgus

Paul is the son of Duane and Arlene and is married to Carmen. Paul manages the dairy side of the family operation, tending to the cows’ needs on a daily basis. He makes sure each animal is fed a healthy diet and takes great care to ensure the overall well-being of the cows and hogs.

Paul is a steward of the land, going to great lengths throughout the year to produce high-quality non-GMO feed for the cattle. He spends a great deal of time selecting high-quality genetics for our cows. Through all of his efforts, Paul continually shapes the core health of our herd, resulting in cows that produce milk with higher amounts of butterfat and protein. This, in turn, plays an important role in the rich flavors found in our dairy products.

When she isn’t caring for her growing extended family, Carmen spends time in the Kilgus Farmstead Country Store greeting customers, providing product education, managing inventory, and handling meat orders. She also leads the effort to keep the lawn and flower gardens outside the store looking beautiful and welcoming. She also is acting secretary and contributes part-time to the on-site creamery.

Paul and Carmen’s adult sons, Justin and Trent, are active partners in the business, and their daughter, Carla, loves to help her brothers and father with chores whenever possible.

Through Paul and Carmen’s hard work and dedication to the farm, the family business has matured into the agricultural tradition it is today which has inspired their nephew, sons, and respective families to join them in the passion.

Matt & Jenna Kilgus

Matt is Paul’s nephew and married to Jenna. At the young age of sixteen, Matt proudly chose to carry the Kilgus name in farming to yet another generation. After attending community college, he returned to the farm becoming a full partner in the family business with his uncle.

Matt is the devoted manager of the Kilgus Farmstead. From bottling and deliveries to marketing and sales, Matt works hard to ensure the high quality and success of the Kilgus Farmstead dairy products.

Along with Carmen, Jenna plays a leading role at the Kilgus Farmstead Country Store and manages the books. She also manages the Kilgus branding and marketing materials with Matt. Through farm tours and other special events, Jenna pours her knowledge and experience into consumer education, teaching others about the importance of farming, knowing where your food comes from, and the enduring commitment of farmers to their land, animals, and local community.

When not busy with sports, FFA, and 4-H, Matt and Jenna’s children can be found helping with chores like caring for calves, milking, feeding, and bedding stalls. They also enjoy working in the fields in during spring planting and fall harvest.

Justin & Kaylee Kilgus

Justin is Paul and Carmen’s eldest son and is married to Kaylee. Through remarkable creativity and partnership, Justin and his younger brother, Trent, co-founded the goat meat business in their teenage years. The two young and ambitious entrepreneurs began raising a small goat herd for a 4-H project. At that time, they never could have anticipated how wildly successful their venture would become! Their goat meat business has turned into a highly sought-after component of the Kilgus Farmstead product line, securing both young men leadership positions within the family business.

Justin now manages the wholesale meat division of Kilgus Farmstead, which includes sales of our Jersey beef, Berkshire pork, and Boer goat meat products to many well-known, high-end Chicago restaurants. He also assists with milk bottling at the on-site creamery.

Justin’s and Kaylee’s have three boys and two girls. They can be found looking after the goats, helping in the milking barn, and tending to their garden.

Trent & Kayla Kilgus

Trent is Paul and Carmen’s second-born son and brother to Justin. He is married to Kayla. Trent is dedicated to fulfilling the needs of the Kilgus Farmstead goat meat business. He also manages the feed and herd which involves mixing and delivering a high-nutrient diet ration to our dairy cows daily.

Trent is passionate about taking excellent care of each cow through milking, feeding, exercising, and generally tending to the needs and overall comfort of each individual animal. Trent works closely with the dairy herd’s genetics with special attention to our show animals.

Trent and Kayla have four busy boys who take after their father and are eager to learn everything there is to know about cow comfort and care.