Milk 104: Jerseys the Queen of Quality

jersey cow in barn yard

Why Jerseys are the Queen of Quality

Many varieties of diary cows have been used for milk production over the years but most pale in comparison to the Jersey cow. Considered the Queen of Quality®, Jerseys are known for making great-tasting milk that is creamy and exceptionally smooth.

In addition to the wonderfully rich flavor and consistency of Jersey milk, it contains more protein, calcium, and other vital nutrients than other dairy breeds. Therefore, by drinking Jersey milk you can get the best bang for the buck over any other breed’s milk.

Holsteins, for example, produce milk with ~3.25% fat content whereas Jerseys are ~5% or more! The higher fat content makes the milk richer and creamier.

emblem of jersey cow with crown

Moreover, Jerseys are extremely efficient milk producers which means that they can produce more pounds of milk per pound of body weight than any other breed. As a result, the environmental impact of operating a Jersey dairy farm is less than other traditional dairy farms milking with other breeds.

As you learned in our previous blog Milk 101: Fat Content & A1 vs A2, Jerseys have the added benefit of producing A2 milk.

Here at Kilgus Farmstead, we pride ourselves in quality and that is a direct result of maintaining a strict All-Jersey® dairy operation. From our perspective, nothing compares. If you value quality milk and the environment, it’s the way to go.

FAQ: What breed of cattle are used to make Kilgus Farmstead milk and milk products?

We are a strict Jersey operation because Jerseys are the Queen of Quality. They make great tasting milk, have additional nutritional benefits, and are efficient milk producers which also makes them more environmentally sustainable.

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