At Kilgus Farmstead Creamery we bottle milk exclusively from our own small herd of Jersey dairy cows. Whether on pasture in April through November, or cozy in the warm barn in winter, our cows eat feed grown almost entirely by the Kilgus family. Our cows and our small on-farm bottling plant are both located on the same property, providing us with maximum control over our product from start to finish. All of our operations are designed to ensure that our customers always receive the safest, freshest, and highest quality milk possible.

All Kilgus Farmstead Dairy Products are:

  • Locally produced on our family farm in central Illinois.
  • Bottled on-farm in our own creamery and delivered fresh — within 150 miles.
  • Created with All-Jersey® milk known for its rich, full flavor and elevated levels of protein and calcium, from the Queen of Quality™ Jersey cow.
  • Creamline®, meaning that the milk is non-homogenized so the cream rises to the top naturally, just as it did when the milkman delivered it long ago.
  • From cows that are seasonally pasture-grazed. Our commitment to a pasture-based system is good for the health of our cows, our customers, and the sustainability of our farm.
  • Thoughtfully packaged in UV-resistant plastic bottles that extend shelf life and prevent the breakdown of important vitamins and minerals.
  • From cows never treated with rBST or other synthetic growth hormones.

Whether using our milk as an ingredient or drinking it fresh, our customers tell us that Kilgus Farmstead milk enhances any recipe and just tastes better. We couldn’t agree more, and we encourage you to taste our delicious farmstead-fresh Jersey milk and discover the difference for yourself!

Kilgus Farmstead Milk is available for purchase in the following sizes:

  • Whole, 2%, Skim, and Chocolate milk: available by the gallon, half-gallon, or pint.
  • Cream and Half and Half are sold in half-gallon and pint sizes.
  • Ice cream mix is offered in one-gallon containers.
kilgus milk in jugs

Kilgus Farmstead Buttermilk, Sour Cream, & Yogurt

Through partnerships with two local creameries, Deerland Dairy and Yobul Bulgarian Yogurt, we have co-created whole milk, 100% Jersey dairy products that include: buttermilk, sour cream, and a variety of yogurt flavors.

Here are the products and exciting flavors we’ve excited to be offering you:

kid carrying a stack of yogurt
  • Deerland Dairy Buttermilk is rich and creamy, perfect for making the classic buttermilk pancakes. Made from non-homogenized Jersey milk it is pure all-natural goodness.
  • Deerland Dairy Yogurt is a traditional American-style yogurt, sweet and deliciously creamy. With cream on the top it contains no preservatives. Available in the following flavors: plain, vanilla, strawberry, and blueberry
  • Deerland Dairy Sour Cream is rich, thick, flavorful, and smooth with just the right amount of tanginess. The sour cream is “cup-set” using CO2 to create a “puffed up” foil. The CO2 is a natural preservative and gives the sour cream a great shelf life. All-natural and made from non-homogenized Jersey milk.
  • Yobul Bulgarian Yogurt is a traditional home-style Bulgarian yogurt that is thick with a smooth, silky texture (similar to Greek yogurts). Made with non-homogenized Jersey whole milk the flavored yogurts are sweetened with 100% organic stevia. Available in the following flavors: plain (no sugar added), raspberry, coconut, and rose

These products are available in our Country Store in Fairbury, IL and through several retailers in Central Illinois and the Chicagoland area. Check out our retail product locator to find these products near you!